I made a mistake but I am not really at fault,
A trap was set and now I am locked in this vault.
It seems like forever since I have been trapped inside,
Sad, alone and lonely, like something inside me just died.
I try so hard to find a way out,
I wonder if anyone can hear me when I shout.

One wrong decision can change the course of your ascend,
One wrong turn can bring you to a dead end.
Is it still in my hands or is it too late to even pretend,
That the broken pieces of my life could somehow mend.
May be this really is the end,
With no scope for a new beginning ever again.

Should I give up, surrender and give in?
Or should I fight for a chance to win?
Can I find a way out when I am trapped from ceiling to floor?
Can I get my life back if I manage to open the door?
Is there a reset button that can set it all right?
In all this darkness how do I find the light!

It is possible I might have hit rock bottom,
With all hope and faith long forgotten.
Here I am because I made a mistake,
But it wasn’t my fault for heaven’s sake!
I am trapped forever and it’s impossible to run away,
I have been condemned to suffer every single minute of every single day…

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