Alone in a Crowd but not Lonely

When you feel you are alone, lonely and have no-one to call your own…
Just close your eyes, look in your heart, rediscover the known.
All those memories, feelings, love and emotions,
Which are inside you like a huge ocean…
Exist from the time you were born,
All those who have loved you and those whom you have ever adorn,
With each of them there was a bond created,
Thats strong and permanent and will never be outdated.

Your mother’s love and father’s protection,
Your brother or sister’s bitter sweet sibling affection…
They were, they are, and they will always be there with you,
Especially when you are down, low and feeling blue.
When you feel lost, defeated and torn apart,
Close your eyes and look deep in your heart…
You will find what you were looking for & just what you needed most,
You will find their love right there and it will give you hope!

Yes, at times you may feel lost, alone & lonely,
When you feel defeated by the outside world thats cold & phoney…
I ask you to just remember them from your heart,
Look hard and you will find them to be its part!
They are not always beside you to hold your hand,
And that’s because they are the strength that helps you stand.

You are no more a child who needs his mother’s lap,
Or someone who would listen only to his father slap.
You don’t need your sister or brother to show you the way,
You have grown up to be on ur own today.
But not because they have left your side,
They have taught you well as long as they were your guide.

Now it’s time to face the world on your own,
To make your own mistakes, get hurt and moan.
Life will teach you what is left to be taught,
And you will finally find what you always sought!
This is a road that you will have to walk by yourself,
Being alone is a compulsion & important in itself.
Your journey, your falls, your efforts to stand and then ascend,
Will define you now & forever till the very end…

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