I Hold On Because I Don’t Want To Let Go…

(In loving memory of Deepika, my friend, philosopher and guide)

I started out as a resident but as a doctor I grew,
And everything I know today I learnt from you!
You took me under your wing with such great pride,
You were my mentor, my friend, my philosopher and my guide…
We shared so much more than just the time at hand,
Those amazing 9 months when side-by-side we would stand.
I followed in your footsteps and wanted to walk in your shoes,
And that’s probably why I feel so proud in all that I do…

Your taught me well and knew just how to,
To overlook my mistakes and give me a chance to undo.
Your hand on my head was just what I needed
Because you could pull my ears when it was heeded.
I always felt safe when you were around,
In the most troubled of my times you were my stable ground.
My life was missing something that was worth waiting to add,
You became that big sister I always wanted but never had.

There is something I have often wondered since our time began,
Did work bring us together or was it part of destiny’s plan?
I felt a strange connection with you right from the start,
I guess it was a bond being born from deep within our hearts.
And so I hold on even though you choose to let go,
Because you are more than just someone that I used to know.
For me you were, you are and you will always be,
No matter how close or far our worlds may be.

You were always there for me in my time of need.
I hope you can forgive me for not being a friend indeed!
How could I not see the pain in your eyes
Why couldn’t I see past that smile you always disguised?
I wish I could go back and give you a chance,
Lend a shoulder to cry on and give your problems a glance.
Only I can justify your actions and I don’t hate your for what you did
But will always hate myself for not being there when you decided to quit.


  1. This poem helps to understand the obligations and pains for a friend. I am quoting few lines from this poem
    “How could I not see the pain in your eyes
    Why couldn’t I see past that smile you always disguised?”

    Liked by 1 person

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