Dialogue with Depression


A dark place somewhere deep in my mind,

Frightening & familiar at the same time.

It’s buried deep within but easy to find,

All it takes is a little push to become blind.

In the blink of an eye all light is lost,

The darkness engulfs me at all costs.



I am not the darkness you fear,

I am a friend you should keep near.

Come to me, don’t be afraid,

Hold my hand and you will never be betrayed.

I will not promise you a happy ending,

But I can ease your pain that is unrelenting.



I deserve a chance at happiness and peace,

I need the pain to somehow be released.

I don’t want to think of dying all the time,

Do I not deserve to live a life of my own design?

But here in the dark he convinces me otherwise,

Life isn’t all sunshine and butterflies.



What you yearn for is meaningless.

A peaceful and happy long life is worthless.

You want it now because you cant have it,

When you could you chose to ignore it.

Pain and suffering are your two best friends now,

You belong to me now, so kneel and bow!



I didn’t ask you to be in my head

Where did you come from and where are you going ahead?

I think I can still win if you release me from your hold

I think I can still be me if I wasn’t being controlled.

Give me one last chance on my own

Don’t clip my wings before I have even flown.



I am not in your head, as you may believe,

I have risen from your heart that bleeds.

Every pain you had quietly hidden inside,

It gave me life and slowly inside you died.

I am not the one holding you,

You are the one clinging on to me, if only you knew!


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