A Family That Was Made… Not Born

(Dedicated to my friends who are like a family to me)


How & when it started, we do not know…

But strangers from different parts of the world were coming close,

We never cared what lay ahead…

Just walked the road wherever it lead!

Was is fate or just plain old luck?

That brought us together & as friends we truly stuck!

Maybe it was destiny or just a random chain of events,

A family was made and “us” it represents.


Together we laughed, together we cried,

What happened to one, to all it was applied.

One’s laughter would make others forget their sorrows,

If one had tears the rest would fight to borrow.

Achievements of one were actually accomplished by all,

But when someone faced failure, it meant everybody’s fall.

If one got hurt, his pain was felt by all,

And one’s revenge would become our shared brawl.


Together we got through all the good and the bad,

It has always been easy because each other we had.

Together we went through the ups and downs of life,

It wasn’t always sunshine, in some dark times we did have our strifes.

We had our fair share of fights and some unfortunate fall outs,

But we patched things up sooner than later no doubt!


Each one of us is different and so unique,

How we gel together is actually a mysterious technique!

Some of us are actually poles apart,

Different minds and thoughts sharing a common heart!

I think I now know how it always worked out,

What once seemed liked the most illogical concept throughout!

Yes we were strangers a few years behind,

But today we are a family in terms of heart, soul and mind…



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