For you…My love

I have wished and hoped and prayed for as long as its been known,

To find that special someone someday and forever make him my own.

I have always known and somehow believed it to be true,

That we are born alone but always meant to exist in pairs of two.


As days went by, his image began to clarify,

So many times I dreamt of him and could now identify.

For what had once been a blur of thoughts and hard to justify,

Was now a complete picture and so perfect that nothing less could ever qualify.


Forever now this is what I imagined “him” to be,

Until I met you and he was suddenly replaced by yours truly…

I had already fallen in love, the first time I saw you

And have been falling in love over and over again because of all that you do.


You were everything I had wished for,

Actually, you were more than I could ever ask for!

It didn’t matter anymore what I was searching for before,

I knew you were the one that I was meant to look for.


Together we have travelled through the journey called life,

And on the way somewhere we became husband and wife…

But I have loved you from the time my own existence became true,

Which is why you will always feel my love around you.


I have loved you for who you are and accept all your mistakes,

I promise to be by you side forever, no matter what it takes.

You are the only good thing in my otherwise sad and compromised life,

In the centre of the darkness surrounding me, you exist as my light. 



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