Wounds of a Healer

stop v a drdoc

“You are lucky to be a doctor”, they say.

When I hear that I want to get up and walk away.

“What do you know about being a doctor?” I ask,

And they freeze with a blank expression like some mask.

So I decide to tell them about my journey

I barely started and they began to worry.


“You are lucky to be a doctor”, they say.

I reply, “I wish you knew what price I had to pay”

Ten years of my prime youth were spent

Studying, training and in torment.

Buried in books from the time preparation began,

Sleepless nights during residency were not part of the plan.


“You are lucky to be a doctor”, they say.

Maybe you can say that today.

But it hasn’t been a walk through the park,

Staying up for days round the clock.

Right from entrance examination to post graduate finals,

Giving up family, friends, fun and all desires.


“You are lucky to be a doctor”, they say.

It hurts inside but I smile and say, “okay”.

I wonder if luck had anything to do with it,

It was mostly hard work and my determination not to quit.

The educational journey may have ended,

But the real struggle has just begun.


And they still say, “You are lucky to be a doctor”

Now I really don’t have an answer.

The work we do is considered sacred,

Saving lives everyday and yet we are hated.

For the money we make or for the lives we couldn’t save.

You don’t see a healer’s wound because we forgive always.


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  1. Tormentors see the present only.They want every ailment to be corrected with no price or little price.Tormentors want no death to their dearones in presence of a doctor even if patient is already before coming to a health facility!How come?This is very bad overzealous psychie because doctors are much better placed compared to most others

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