Give Me A Chance…

Give me a chance…I deserve to be alive,

Even to be born I have to strive.

Don’t kill me before I have come into this world

I am still in my mother’s womb all curled.

Yes I am a girl, you somehow already know,

But does that mean you have to stoop so low?

I haven’t even opened my eyes yet

But to you I am already a threat.


Give me a chance… I deserve a life,

I have just been born and you can hear my cries,

You have just been that told I am a girl,

You act as if it is the end of the world.

Try to love me and you will see

I am better than any son of yours would ever be.

Don’t kill me before I have proved my worth,

Don’t let my death be on the day of my birth.


Give me a chance… I deserve to grow,

There is so much about the world that I do not know.

Let me go to school and learn some more,

Please don’t lock me inside, let me out the door.

I promise to be better than everyone else,

If only you could give me a chance to excel.

Don’t take away my books and my dreams,

Can you not hear my pleading screams?


Give me a chance… I deserve to choose,

Before you marry me off ask me my views.

I deserve the right to choose my own partner,

Why are you in such a hurry for this barter?

I still have so much to do before this deed

My dreams must come before their needs.

Don’t cage me and take away my freedom from me

I am a person and not a bird that can flee.


Give me a chance… I deserve to work,

I am your equal so stop being such a schmuck.

You beat me up because I am a woman,

The way you treat me is considered inhuman.

Today I bear your child within me,

I pray to god that it’s a HE.

Because this world is not meant for a girl,

If she is born then like me she will have to burn!

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  1. Excellent expression and expectation of a girl.In my view girls are worthier than the boys and more caring and thankful to their parents than the boys are

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