A Priceless Smile

I saw the signs and I could tell,

The day was going to be hell.

And it turned out exactly how I predicted,

With bad luck my day was inflicted.

There was no way to turn that frown upside down,

Just wanted the day to end and tomorrow to come around.

Finally I was free to go home,

And I had no intentions to roam.

But I found myself waiting in the car,

For reasons unknown and quite bizarre.

I was tired and worn out by the day’s events

Didn’t see any reason for a smile to be present.

Suddenly, there was a knock on my window,

A boy was selling something and I told him no.

He didn’t stop and continued to tell,

I lost my temper and opened the door to yell.

As soon as I got out he held out his hands

“I am not a beggar,” he took his stand.

He said, “I need to buy shoes so I have to earn,

I will polish your shoes and others in return”

I looked at his face and looked at his feet,

Both made me forget how bad my day could be.

I put my hand around him and gently asked,

If he had had anything since breakfast.

He said he was hungry but he needed shoes,

He couldn’t eat because he was tired of being bare foot.

I held his hand and walked to the market,

We had to walk slowly because his feet had cuts.

I was beginning to forget my own troubles

He needed me more than I needed others.

He picked a pair that was the cheapest,

I told him to try others first.

His eyes lit up at a blue pair,

We bought both so his feet won’t be bare.

We walked to a café nearby

In his new shoes he seemed to fly.

We sat together and ate a good meal,

We shared some laughs and my mood began to heal.

Then we had some ice-cream cones,

He didn’t seem now to be some unknown.

He put his arms around me because he knew,

That I had to go home and he did too.

Just before we parted our ways,

I held him tight and said, “You made my day!”

He didn’t say anything out loud

His eyes were welling up but he didn’t make a sound.

Instead he gave me his biggest smile

That just made everything that happened worthwhile.

I didn’t know that all I needed was a priceless smile

And a few moments of joy with that little child.

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