I See the light

Mirage - It is not just an illusion

No matter how hard I tried
I couldn’t see the light because I was blind.
Blind to the truth like everyone else,
I believed what was told, even though it made no sense.
I had fallen deep within the darkness of my own mind
Desperately searching for something to help me climb.
I fought with all my might
But it just wasn’t a fair fight.
Being broken inside, I had to give in
So I surrendered my will to win.
Just before the darkness seized control
It showed me the light and the truth untold.

What would you prefer?
A sweet lie or the bitter truth as it were,
A dressed up demon of life or the bare angel of death
It doesn’t matter because I will tell you about both.

Life is an enchantress trapping you with her spells,
Death is the saviour who breaks those threads.
The first breath…

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