Life Is Beautiful

Life is beautiful in spite of all its tiny ugly spots,

Like a picture formed after connecting the dots.

Even the moon has spots but it is still so beautiful,

That is a fact and it is irrefutable.

But it is so only because it is the only one,

You are just as unique and similar to none.

Your life is just as beautiful as the moon

Just some spots that you need not prune.

The small things don’t matter,

Learn to look at the bigger picture.


The mistake that we make

Is when for granted we take.

This life and our fellow passengers,

Too busy to recognize that there are others.

Look around you and you will see,

What a beautiful world this can be.

Say hello and befriend a stranger,

Share your grief and laugh at your failures.

Console if needed or help them out,

Life is easier when for each other we look out.


Do you really expect a divine intervention?

Your troubles are your test by extension.

The only cheating method that you are allowed,

Is to take help of those around.

In this world of chaos under order,

Looking for your own happiness is torture.

But if you find a reason to make someone smile,

Don’t lose the chance and go that extra mile.

Someday someone will do that for you too,

Your happiness will just be handed over to you.

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