Chaotic Order or Ordered Chaos?


Chaos is defined as disorder and confusion,

I wonder if it has been ever proven?

Because I find chaos to be beautiful,

But the way it’s misunderstood is pitiful.

In all its disorder there is a peculiar pattern

It deserves more than the reputation it earns.

Order is suppose to be chaos organized,

So how order without chaos could have survived?

I feel it is highly overrated,

The world might be better if order could be abated.

In all it organization and clarity

There is still so much disparity.

These were the differences that came in conclusion,

But let me tell you about the greatest confusion.

Order and chaos are not opposite to each other,

Their very existence depends on one another.

They are two sides of the same coin,

Now you see how ignorant you have been.

Chaos raises order and order leads to chaos,

Order seems sorted but one day it turns into chaos.

Chaos seems out of order until it gives rise to order,

This ongoing cycle confuses which is latter and which is former.

You thought they were different until now,

Your facts seemed to have cleared up somehow.

Chaos is mine and order belongs to you,

I decide my own fate while your’s is decided for you.

Chaos constructs and order destructs,

Chaos helps me heal while order infects.

Chaos freed me while you are still bound by order

Can you feel its hold, its grasp tightening above your shoulders?


  1. Rightly interpreted-chaos and order are the sides of same coin .As Vivekanand said once-there is no cold,it is just the absence of heat.There is no darkness,it is just the absence of light.

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