The Decision, The Distance And Then The Destination

(This is not a poem but it is a poetic article)


The first STEP is always hard…The first MILE is always long… The beginning is always full of doubts…

It all begins with the decision. The decision to start… the decision to change…the decision that makes all the difference in the world…the decision that will change you forever. It happens for different reasons for different people. Some may choose their paths but for some the path chooses them. It doesn’t matter which category you fall into because the “decision” will always be yours. You and only you have the power that controls your life. Taking the Decision is the most important step… more important than the destination itself because without this decision of walking the distance there would be no destination.

The journey is what it is all about. Its long…it’s difficult…its everything you have ever feared in your life and more. “Is this right or should I turn back?” This is a question that will follow you through your entire journey. The path that you take is never going to be an easy one. Besides, the good things in life are never easy to get. Everyday will be the same except that it will be a little different. As time will pass, things will become more and more difficult. As you keep on walking, the path will become more and more treacherous. Every minute of everyday will be spent thinking about alternatives. “What would I do if I wasn’t doing this? Where would I be if I wasn’t here? Is this really what I want? Is this really what I was meant to do? What if I made the wrong decision? What if I chose the wrong path?” The list is endless. But these questions and doubts do not matter. They had their place when you were to decide…at that time you had a good and valid answer for each of your questions and that is how you had come to take this decision. Once the decision is taken there will be no turning back. After taking the first step there is no stopping. You will keep on walking. The journey is too long and the path too difficult. Your destination will be like the horizon… the more you walk the farther away it seems. But don’t give up and don’t stop and never turn back. Whatever happens, however difficult things may seem it will all pass. A time will come when you will lose all hope… when you will lose your confidence… when you will lose faith. This will be the worst time to give up and turn back because trust me the end is almost here. The Night is darkest just before sunrise… the mountain is steepest just before the peak. You have come a long way and there is very little left to do now.

No matter how hard things may seem now, no matter how difficult life may be at the moment… it will all fade away once you reach the point where you were meant to be…Your destination…

Everything that you have been through will seem like nothing when you finally accomplish your goal… it is something that makes you stand tall… not in front of others but in your own eyes. Reaching the final point will take away all the pain that you had suffered till now… it will heal all the wounds that you sustained on you way. All along the way you thought that you will have a sigh of relief when it is all over… but trust me it is not the sigh but the sound of triumph that will be the first to come.

Yes life is difficult… and more difficult are the choices you make… the options that life puts in front of you. You may not make the right decision always… but that’s the beauty of life. Every mistake you make will only be another step towards being right. Every time you fall you will only rise higher. The lessons of life are best learnt by your own mistakes… so go ahead and make them but be strong enough to be able to learn the lesson the hard way…and then it will really stick with you.

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