On A Cold Dark Night

On a cold dark night,

I had my biggest fright.

I was walking back from the market,

And the night began to seem darker.

Something felt weird inside,

My gut was telling me to run and hide.

So I followed my instincts and ran home,

I was determined not to roam.

But on the way there were some weird signs,

I saw a shadowy figure but just his outline.

Something shining in his hand,

I thought it was a knife and so I ran.

Ran till my feet would allow me to run,

I reached home, closed the door so that I was the only one.

I was sure that no one else was inside,

But I still checked all the rooms and the sides.

It seemed pretty normal to me,

My house was as empty as could be.

But then that feeling of being watched didn’t go away,

It felt like a predator watching its prey.

I picked up the phone to call over a friend,

I thought my fears would then end.

I was surprised to find the line dead,

A coincidence or someone planned ahead.

Suddenly a loud thump made me scream,

My fear levels had reached their extreme.

I ran to the door to get out of the house,

The keys were gone and I was trapped like a mouse.

I ran to the back door but there he was standing,

With a mask on his face and a knife as his sole belonging.

Before I could turn and run away from him,

He grasped my hand and I knew my chances were slim.

He pulled me towards himself and placed the knife on my neck,

At this point I was already a wreck.

In his deep voice he then said, “Today is your lucky day”

With all my strength I pulled away.

It was fight or flight at that moment,

Instead of running I decided to face my opponent.

I found my chance and had to act fast,

I jabbed my fingers in his eyes through the mask.

As he recoiled writhing in pain,

I ran to the kitchen not giving him a chance again.

I grabbed a knife and closed the kitchen door,

I was shaking because I was terrified to the core.

As he began banging down the door,

I moved up on the kitchen floor.

Underneath the door there was enough space,

And his footsteps I began to trace.

One precise slice on the foot was all I could take,

It was enough because he began to break.

It all went quiet, may be it was his bluff,

So I took my stand firmly enough.

I had to be quite and slowly I tiptoed,

I took a flashlight and started shining it out the window.

I was hoping to catch my neighbour’s attention,

When I heard a car’s roaring engine.

I knew this was my chance to run to safety,

It was now or never so I had to be hasty.

I kept the knife close and opened the door,

I found so much blood on the floor.

I knew I had caused him serious injuries,

Rendering useless all his contingencies.

But out of the blue he appeared behind me,

He was angry and hurt, I could see.

I slid the knife into his torso,

Into his chest I jabbed my other elbow.

He fell down with blood gushing everywhere,

I found my house keys in there somewhere.

But before I left I took off his mask to see,

Who it was that wanted to kill me?

I saw the face of a man I knew before,

He had killed my sister more than a year ago.

I asked him why?

Hoping to hear some kind of lie.

But with his dying breath he said something that I never knew,

He smiled and said, “This is what I do.”


  1. Very satisfying and energetic encounter full of valour with an unknown predator .He met the fate he deserved.One should never surrender to his fate and must give a fight to any aggressor

    Liked by 1 person

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