Honesty Lost In Necessity

Growing up we were taught about honesty,

That honesty is the best policy.

As children we were given treats,

If we were honest and did not cheat.

Somehow we remained attentive,

Maybe it was fear or the incentives.


Once we entered the real world,

That concept began to seem absurd.

Honesty is a rare occurrence here,

Truth has somehow managed to disappear.

It is either a habit or a necessity,

Dishonesty has become the most common entity.


We tried real hard to stay true to ourselves,

But this corrupt system has no place for rebels.

Very soon we were forced to choose,

To stick with the truth or accept their views.

Honesty became the most expensive currency,

Everyday there is dilution of its purity.


There still are a few rare ones left,

Who are repelled by the idea of theft.

They pursue their path of honesty,

In this dishonest world and among its atrocity.

These are the rare ones with humanity

Their extinction will be the world’s biggest calamity.


In order to save humanity from humans,

We need to save honesty and shed the delusions.

It isn’t that hard to be true to yourself,

It is the most important thing in itself.

Truth to be told and honesty in practice,

Will finally bring the whole world some justice.


  1. Honest&honesty!Extremely rare and disqualified to survive honourably in the world of thieves and looters.Honest and honesty are the words found in dictionary only ,so no need to feel sorry for the poor but divine words.

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