Trapped in a Smartphone

The alarm on your phone beeps,

You hit snooze and go back to sleep.

But something catches your eye,

And you had to bid your sleep goodbye.

A notification seen on the phone screen as a plea,

Forces you to wake up and see.

It was as useless as it could be,

But it got you stuck to the phone already.


Your phone stays by your side always,

In the pocket or on the table it lays.

Whether you are alone or with someone there,

Your phone is your plus one everywhere.

They talk and they share,

But you and your phone don’t seem to care.

You ignore the world around you,

You and your phone are already stuck like glue.


The day ends and you are back home,

But you are still in your phone’s zone.

Your eyes are tired and you need to sleep

But you just can’t tear away from your phone’s beeps

You stare into that screen for hours together,

As if you pledged to sleep never.

Another day has gone by and you missed it again,

Your phone made sure that the day was in vain.


Turn off your phone for a day, give it a try,

I promise you everything will be okay and you won’t die.

You will see what a beautiful world exists,

Beyond the boundaries of your screen it fits.

Talk to someone face to face,

Then you will know how a conversation tastes.

Look up from your screen to the sky,

There is so much happening around so tell your phone goodbye.


  1. In the era of digitalisation a mobile phone has become a sensory organ and a part of control areas in the brain.Daily life is being controlled and guided by a mobile phone.Talking face to face and effort of writing a letter on a paper has a different pleasure which can never be given by a digital gadget.

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