I thought I had seen it all up until now,

I thought I had experienced all the emotions somehow.

I have been happy to the level of cloud nine,

I have also been angry enough to cross that line.

I have already shed enough tears to fill up a dam,

And my frightful fears have often forced me to scram.


But what I feel now I have never felt before,

Such a feeling could exist I wasn’t even sure.

The journey was difficult and the path was rough,

Just when I thought my suffering was more than enough,

Then came my liberation,

And I was free from all my obligations.


It didn’t happen because it was time,

It didn’t happen because it was next in line.

It wasn’t a divine intervention,

Or the universe tipping in my direction.

I was liberated when I chose to do so,

I wish I had chosen it years ago.


One fine day I realised.

And on the following conclusion I arrived.

You are born alone and will die alone someday,

Then why waste a lifetime away?

You don’t have to satisfy the needs of others,

If you do, you will be the only one who suffers.


Learn to let go off what is not important,

Otherwise your life will seem falsely shortened.

Learn to accept what cannot be changed,

Forget whose fault it was and who has to be blamed.

Live up to your own expectations,

And you will be in control of all situations.


It isn’t easy for you right now,

I understand you don’t know how,

But believe me liberation is possible,

It is the biggest weapon in your arsenal,

Just close your eyes and realise,

You are the only truth and rest are all lies.


  1. Feeling of liberation is a stage of meditation.When someone is in meditation, he doesn’t have the feeling of worldy attachments.He forgets every sorrow and happiness and completely drawn in himself.So, when overwhelmed by griefs ,feeling of liberation is of great help and relief

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