An Unpredictable Game With A Predictable Win

Mirage - It is not just an illusion

When I came into this world from a floating dream,

I learnt to cry because I had to learn to breathe.

That was the first clue that it was not going to be easy,

Growing up in this world would be a task too heavy.

I learnt to smile when I saw others smile at me,

Do what the world is doing is what I could see.

I had to fall many times before I could learn to walk,

It also took a while before the mystery was unlocked.

I wish to share a few cheat codes of life,

Everyone knows them but they forget to apply.

First of all be thankful for the life you got,

It could be much worse than you thought.

Remember the roller coaster that made you queasy,

Just like that life is never going to be easy.

It’s necessary that you prepare yourself for…

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  1. God has given three pages of life.First and last pages already written by Him(birth and death) In the middle page we have to write.The words should be like-cheers,happiness,passion,help,forgiveness etc.which we learn from other good people like smiling and walking as infants

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