Are You Living OR Are you alive?

Mirage - It is not just an illusion

Ever noticed that life is a straight line

From start to finish it is a perfect design.

It seems so straight but it’s really a vicious circle!

You don’t realise it because it is slow as a turtle.

To move forward an entire lifetime

Only to end up where it all began once upon a time.

First a fragile body, a pure soul & an innocent heart are born…

As the body strengthens, purity and innocence are soon shed like a cocoon.

Standard education & uncommon circumstances will shape you for the future unknown,

That is the speeding river of life in which you shall soon be thrown.

Your destiny awaits you and so to the next level you rise,

You find it easier to swim with the current and resist the urge to fight.

Until now life was a gift that you were taking for granted,

Now it has been…

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  1. Life is never a straight line.It is like ECG graph.Once the graph becomes straight line,there is no life.A person comes to the world with nothing in his hands and leaves the world with empty hands

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