I Imagine a World…

If I was allowed to imagine a world,

And it didn’t matter if my ideas were absurd,

I would paint you a picture from my dreams,

Allow my words to elaborate the themes.


I imagine a world with no hunger,

Three square meals a day wouldn’t be a wonder.

Every child would grow up healthy then,

And no one would die of hunger again.


I imagine a world with no weapons,

That is how the terror of war would lessen.

When we learn to trust each other,

Peace wouldn’t be so hard to discover.


I imagine a world with no discrimination,

In spite of our differences we would be equals in this equation.

Color, cast, country, language or even gender,

Nothing would make you any less of a member.


The world I imagine is not a dream,

It is not an idea as far-fetched as it seems.

All we need to do is change today

Not the world but the people that stand in the way.


  1. A wonderful dream.Even in Ramrajya Ram had an army and appetite to conquer other states via ashwamgh yajna.Dreaming has no limits but reality is very much opposite

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