Are You The Same You Were As A Child?

I wish I could go back to those simpler times,

When life comprised of only laughs and whines.

The time when I still had my innocence intact,

Before time taught me to learn to adapt.


How did it all change so fast?

I thought it was meant to last.

Those days when nothing could complicate,

Those days when I had no one to obligate.


There was a time when I just didn’t care,

I didn’t stop to think if life was fair.

But those days are far behind me now,

And yet I wish for them to be back somehow.


I yearn for those days that have gone,

I desperately try to hold on.

But it isn’t within my reach anymore,

Things can never be the same as before.


I am uncomfortable in my own skin,

The change that occurred is same within,

It has now become difficult to hide,

I strive everyday to keep that child in me alive.


Let me ask you a question,

You don’t have to consider it a confession.

Just close your eyes and look deep inside,

Answer me this… Are you the same you were as a child?


  1. Childhood means innocence,meaning thereby uncomplicated mind and thoughts.As we grow up in this world,we lose all simple manners and indoctrination of complicated things happen to us.No one ☝️ can get back to the worthy world 🗺 of children 👶.Past can’t be gotten back but it can be relished.

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  2. I miss my childhood days
    Adulting comes with tones of expectations and responsibilities
    But also when I was a child I really wanted to become an adult

    I guess the human being naturally is always craving for more

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