I spend my nights lying awake,

I don’t sleep even during the day.

Because sleep is a luxury I can’t afford.

Even a tiring day doesn’t get this reward.

What keeps me up at day’s end?

Insomnia, my dear old friend.


I toss and turn all night long,

Wondering what could be wrong,

Not just with me and my sleep,

But the world’s issues that weep.

Yes, night is when I am most awake,

So I try to find solutions for everyone’s mistakes.


The days are not blessed either,

Aimlessly I wander to deliver.

Have to get some work done now,

If only my tired brain would allow.

I steal some restless naps in between

But I am still as tired as I have always been.


I don’t fight him anymore,

I have bid sleep adios.

I don’t even try to get into bed,

I know my sleep is long dead.

Now I stay up all night and all day,

Insomnia commands and I obey.

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