Destiny Awaits…

You were born for a reason,

Even when you may not see one.

Time passes by and you still don’t see,

That your destiny is waiting to appease.


The world is your oyster,

And you are the master.

You know what your heart desires,

Embrace it and end this denial.


The deepest of your wishes or a secret ambition,

Your most vivid dream or a cherished aspiration.

Listen to your heart and look into your soul,

Find that special something that makes you whole.


Walk the road that takes you there,

When you have a purpose the universe shares.

The pieces will fall in place,

You will see it forming, the picture you chase.


Your destiny awaits but you feel lost,

Lost in choices that you ought not.

Clear you thoughts and free your mind,

And your soul will reflect its purpose in kind.


  1. Nothing happens without a reason.As Geeta says behind every incidence there is the ‘Will’ of the supreme power. We don’t understand it.One should pursue the paths to achieve his objectives and God helps by putting the things together either early or late if the efforts are sincere.

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  2. Rightly said.Everyone is born with a destiny but no one ☝️ knows what is ahead!He just walks the path which he chooses in given circumstances.Just believe in Him to show the perfect 👌 way

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