Your Voice

Everyone has an opinion, every one has a say,

So many means to leave you astray.

Answers come even though no questions arose,

To bind you in a web of do’s and don’ts.

A simple task complicated by thoughts,

Not your own but some implanted knots.

They are meant for a purpose alone,

To pull you down into the unknown.


You know what you desire,

To you it is clear what you aspire.

Then why let these doubts arise,

Why listen to all the lies?

All it does is increase your confusion,

When you entertain such delusions.

Learn to block those stimuli,

Make sure only your thoughts apply.


There is a voice in your head,

It’s yours and yet you listen to others instead.

It shouts but you are too muddled to notice,

Spellbound under someone’s hypnosis.

Bring out your truth from within,

Let the conquest of your thoughts begin.

Listen to the voice that bellows in your mind,

It is your own, leave all else behind.


  1. When you are entangled in the cobweb of different types of thoughts then comes an inner voice which is sane.That inner voice gives a right direction to pursue.

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  2. Clearmindedness! This is the need for every body in every walk of life.So many advisors just confuse you.Listen to your inner instict and be clear to your goal ,a clear pathway way will lead you to your intended destiny

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