Stars Shine Brightest In The Night

Give me darkness, give me light,

Bring it on with all your might.

The more you push the more I smite,

I know that the stars shine brightest in the night.


I don’t care where you put me up,

Pull me down and I find a way to push-up.

You cut the tree but leave behind a stump,

And I find a way to rise up from the dump.


I was once afraid of struggle,

Scared of the very idea of a hurdle.

I moved in the opposite direction of trouble,

Up until someone burst my bubble.


Do you know why the sun shines?

It burns from within time after time.

There would be no light without its whine,

Yet it burns on and never resigns.


The more it burns the more it glows,

Do you think this is the fate gold chose?

But it goes through the flows,

And into a beauty it grows.


The darkest of your time defines you,

You may not realize it now but it is true.

‘Stars shine brightest in the night’ is not just a view,

It’s a mantra that will get you through.


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