Road To Recovery

The worst is over, it is in the past,

Yes, you have managed to last.

You have won the battle and the war,

Now you know what you stand for.

But the fight isn’t over yet,

Not everything can be that easily reset.

The wounds need time to become scars,

The healing process needs more than mere hours.


Everyday is a struggle and each day a new fight,

Keep walking from the darkness towards the light.

The strength will come as you move ahead,

Don’t stop, don’t wait for it to come instead.

The trauma you endured yesterday,

Will stay with you in every way.

But you will learn to move it into your past,

And one fine day you will be rid of it at last.


No matter how you may have been scarred,

The road to recovery is just as hard.

Begins with a drag of weights around your legs,

Then you crawl through the expectations webs,

You slowly learn to get up on your knees,

Tearing apart the web, you adapt and flee.

Now you have learnt to get back up on your feet,

Make yourself whole again, make yourself complete.


  1. There is sun shine after cloudy and foggy days.There is morning sun after every night.So don’t be disheartened at the time of rough weather in life.Good fortune is certain to come like a rebounding sprig

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