Dreaming Reality

How do you know what is real?

Could the concept of reality be surreal?

There is a truth that has been told,

Told so that hope can hold.


The way of the world has been decided,

And a scrupulous system has been provided.

So easily fooled by the misguided trust,

We forget to question and learn to adjust.


What if all that you know was a lie,

The truth that you weren’t able to deny.

Now, reality is a complicated concept,

So what are dreams in that context?


Dreaming is real and so are dreams,

A world exists when your sleep streams.

So tell me now would you deem,

That being awake could also be a dream.


  1. Dreaming is essential to give plans a shape.Nothing is real in this world except some natural happenings/mis happenings which take place on daily basis.Every thing -livings/nonlivings supposed to vanish or change as per law of the nature. So,try best to adjust in the prevailing circumstances.

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