Unconditional Love

Love has many definitions today,

So many versions are up for display,

But there is one that cannot be compared,

Pure love that is unconditionally shared.


It doesn’t demand any returns from you,

It doesn’t change and stays true.

It stays strong even when you fall weak,

It doesn’t need words to speak.


Love that has faith makes you believe,

Pushes you forward so you can achieve.

Strength so strong that you won’t break,

But if you do, then love helps to remake.


A rare gem to hold on to,

A worthwhile chase to pursue.

If you have someone to love who loves you too,

Hold on tight and never bid adieu.


  1. Love 💖 your self first before loving any body else.This is inner desire and maybe destiny also.Love changes in perception with the person you confront.So the love 💕 has many meanings.

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