Black And White Rainbow

When the sun shines through the rain,

The colors shape into an arched chain.

Light breaks into seven colors,

Red, green, blue and others.

The beauty lies within the eye,

After all, the rainbow is a lie.


The illusion of a rainbow,

Depends on your perception, as you may know.

If you stand between the sun and the rain,

The magic of light you can retain.

But if you are positioned anywhere else,

The lack of colors will depress.


I am drenched in the rain of sorrow,

I see no hope for tomorrow.

I see the sun and I see the light,

But the rainbow is nowhere in sight.

The colors from my world were drained,

All I see is black in different shades.


Now a choice needs to be made,

As there is no further scope to evade.

Should I chase the fabled colors?

Or should I accept the dark buffers?

If I don’t see the colors in the sky,

Is my black and white rainbow a lie?


  1. Rainbows are not illusions.They are realities of a natural phenomenon inducing 😃 happiness in the soul.So,when a person is drenched in the rain of sorrow,he/she can be relaxed 😎 by natural beauty.Sorrow and happiness are just the sides of the same coin and are like day and night.None is permanent.

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