So much happening around me,

I open my eyes but I still can’t see.

I reach out to touch,

But my fingers don’t grasp much.

I feel nothing because I feel numb,

Numb to the world I have become.

Nothing affects me the way it did before,

I am not complaining, I couldn’t ask for more.


There was a time when I cared too much,

The weight of the world was on my shoulders as such.

Now there is nothing where there was,

Do I know what was the cause?

I don’t know and I don’t want to find out,

I feel numb and there is nothing to complain about.

There is emptiness within and all around,

And in this emptiness I let myself drown.


I drown my happiness and my sorrows,

I let go off any hope for tomorrow.

I have reached down to rock bottom,

And I know I have been forgotten.

I am here and here to stay,

The person you knew is now far away.

But it doesn’t matter what I left above,

I left behind all that I ever loved.


  1. This is the state of dormancy and feeling isolated.This is a temporary phase of mood swings when someone is overwhelmed by surroundings.This passes off when some thing good happens to the same person.

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