Walking In The Rain

Dark clouds fill up the sky,

The hiding sun seems too shy.

Drops from heaven begin to fall,

And soon the rain covers it all.


I love walking in the rain,

It hides my tears, it hides my pain.

As those pearls trickle down,

I welcome the drizzle to the ground.


Why is it easier to hide away?

Hide from feelings that betray.

A choice there is even though you see none,

Hold it in tight or let them run.


It is hard to let go and be indifferent,

You face it head on because you are resilient.

Being strong is sometimes the only choice,

It takes strength to hide the quiver in your voice.


Let it rain forever now,

Let it wash away my pain somehow.

Wash away all that is old,

Clear my path, clear the road.


  1. ☔️ Rain ☔️ drops are blessings bestowed by heaven to clear the path full of sorrows.When the blessings come down every thing looks beautiful and pleasant.So,every one wants pleasure of life never to end

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