Angels Flying By

I was lost and waiting to be found,

Waiting for someone to come around.

To lift me up and make me smile,

To give me a reason to laugh like a child.


An angel came by my side,

And a light lit up inside.

I began to smile for no reason at all,

I found hope no matter how small.


Every now and then my angel flies,

Spreading joy to those denied.

Keeps those company who feel alone,

Alone and lost in the unknown.


He walks you from darkness to light,

He will stay by your side till everything is alright.

He gives you hope when you have none,

If you believe then your revival has just begun.


  1. When someone is helpless in dispair,lonely in crowds and subjugated by the crisis in the life,God answers the prayer.He sends some body for the help out of dispair and brings smile 😀

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