I Refuse To Sink

I refuse to sink… I will not go down,

Whatever the situation… I will come around.

Mark my words… I am here to stay,

I promised myself and I will not sway.

I will fight it out until my dying breath,

My story will be a fairytale and not a tragedy of Macbeth.

“There is beauty in chaos” a wise man once said,

And so I learnt to live with this chaos in my head.

I will celebrate today, tomorrow and the day after,

Everyday will be an occasion to cherish laughter.

The past won’t haunt and the future shall not scare,

The present that is now deserves its fair share.

I have already learnt how to survive,

Now life deserves living… for as long as I am alive.


  1. Inner strength changes the things around.Even a chaos looks beautiful.It never allows a person to sink into despair 😩.With inner strength a person rebounds to a higher level of achievements.

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