Are You Living OR Are You Alive?

Ever noticed that life is a straight line

From start to finish it is a perfect design.

It seems so straight but it’s really a vicious circle!

You don’t realise it because it is slow as a turtle.

To move forward an entire lifetime

Only to end up where it all began once upon a time.

First a fragile body, a pure soul & an innocent heart are born…

As the body strengthens, purity and innocence are soon shed like a cocoon.

Standard education & uncommon circumstances shape you for the future unknown,

That is the speeding river of life in which you shall soon be thrown.

Your destiny awaits you and so to the next level you rise,

You find it easier to swim with the current and resist the urge to fight.

Until now life was a gift that you were taking for granted,

Now it has been taken away and as a forced task it has been re-implanted.

As you begin your struggle to survive,

Life slowly disappears right in front of your eyes.

But you are too busy to realise what has been taken from you,

A precious & beautiful gift has vanished without a clue!

It’s sad but essential that the heart must die for the brain to take control,

Lost are those innocent childhood dreams and also a part of your soul.

You can neither give up nor can you walk away,

So you often wonder is this really the way?

Yes, your success & achievements do make you proud,

But are they worth a lifetime of happiness that was sacrificed & ploughed?

You started with nothing and you will end up the same way,

So for what exactly was this lifetime wasted away?

This is the question that will haunt you in the end,

It will make you want to start over and make amends.

If it’s not too late then realise this now,

Life is a gift and you should live every moment to the fullest anyhow!

Enjoy the little things in life when they come by,

Because these moments will never come again as time will fly…

Remember to wish your mother on her birthday,

Give your dad a chance to relax for a day.

Have that long-awaited heart to heart with your brother,

Make some time for your sister and you to be together.

Share some laughs with those forgotten yet dear friends,

Befriend a complete stranger, who knows where it will end?!

Don’t stop to think, just do whatever your heart may desire

Because life is too short and very soon you will have to retire.

Live a life where your end isn’t filled with regret,

When that day comes you should have a smile on your face & in your heart satisfaction and content.


  1. Life is short indeed.It starts as a pure and innocent 😇,But challenges of onward journey makes the things complicated.Innocence turns into cleverness.Pure ❣ becomes filled with greed.But in the end everyone has to go empty handed.This is philosophy of journey of life to destiny.

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