Still Trapped

I made a mistake but it really wasn’t my fault,

A trap was set to lock me in this vault.

It’s been forever since I have been trapped inside,

Alone and angry, knowing something inside me died.

I tried so hard to find a way out,

I wondered if anyone could hear me shout?

Nothing changed and no one came to my rescue,

I am still here and I know here I will have to continue.

So I choose to let go of hope,

Hope that… I could find a way out through the ceiling or in the floor

Hope that… I could get my life back or that I could open the door

Hope that… I could defeat the darkness and find the light

Hope that… I could find the reset button to set it all right

Here I was condemned to suffer every single day,

If this is where I have to be then here I will stay.

I have accepted that I am trapped forever within,

So, I wont fight you for a chance to win.

But I wont give up, surrender or give in,

I will find a way to survive within.

I always thought that I was the victim in this story,

But I now know that I have to be the hero of my own story.

I don’t need to mend the broken pieces of my life,

That part of me has already died.

I learnt to survive before you trapped me in

And survive I will until I am set free.


  1. This is the state of dispair when aloofness becomes the symbol of existence .This can be caused by any thing like behaviour of a nearby fellow or some circumstances surrounding.Once these are gone every thing falls in favourable line and mood swings to happiness mode.

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