I Wish I Could Close My Eyes And…

I wish I could close my eyes,

And disappear from this world of lies.

A world too miserable to live in,

And too enticing to just give in.

I don’t want to die to escape it,

I want to disappear as if I never existed.


I wish I could close my eyes,

And all my pain and suffering would hide.

I wish it could all go away and subside,

But the relief is only temporarily complied.

I open my eyes for a split second,

And it all comes rushing back burying me neck in.


I wish I could close my eyes,

And time would be put on rewind.

I would go back to the simpler times,

When people lived a life of different design.

People today don’t know if their neighbor is dead or alive,

Posting pictures online is all they care about in their eyes.


I wish I could close my eyes,

The sky would fall and the world would die.

Because we don’t deserve this gift of life,

Destroying our own world is an unforgivable crime.

We don’t care anymore about any of our damages,

This supposedly superior species is now worse than animals.


I wish I could close my eyes,

And the world would stop spinning its lies.

It would all come to a stand still,

And may be then the prophecy will be fulfilled.

“Nature’s most advanced species will destroy it all,

The world, its life and nature itself above all.”


I wish I could close my eyes,

And realize that this was all a dream in disguise.

I was never born and neither was anyone else,

There were never any breaths or deaths.

Maybe it’s was just a program of living dream,

Made by the power above that is supreme.

1 Comment

  1. Being indifferent 😐 to the surrounding problems is not a solution to the problems.No doubt,this world is a deceit full of bad people and it is very hard to move on smoothly,a person has to fight his way out.Everyone wants his simpler and humble days back but this remains a thought of paradise only.He has to fight over for survival.

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