From Pain To Peace

One day you were born with pain,

Pain that everyone has to face,

And pain is what makes babies cry,

And No! Its doesn’t ever go away.

You learn to live with life and with the pain,

You try to push it to the back of your brain.

You go on with life looking for happiness,

You try so many paths to find peace.

The sad truth my poor friend is that

You will never find any of that.

Because you are looking in the wrong place,

Because it is the wrong path that you chase.

Happiness isn’t in beauty, success or a conjugated narcissism,

Peace isn’t about nirvana or forsaking materialism.


Once I stopped chasing things in life,

I began to see the beauty of life.

A few good friends is all it took,

A few moments with them changed my look.

The laughs we share stay within my heart forever,

The stories we create bond us at the centre.

With their mere presence around me,

I think I could finally feel peace inside me.

So you see happiness is just about connecting with the world,

And peace comes with true friendship that you have earned.


  1. Right!Life starts with pain.Death is also painful 😖.Even in vegetative state,a person is in painful 😣 situation but unable to express.Running after the worldy pleasures does not provide any peace,rather it increases the hunger for more and more.Peace can only be achieved by negating the worldy pleasures gained through illegal means and dishonesty.

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