Give Me A Chance…

Give me a chance…I deserve to be alive,

Even to be born I have to strive.

Don’t kill me before I have come into this world

I am still in my mother’s womb all curled.

Yes I am a girl, you somehow already know,

But does that mean you have to stoop so low?

I haven’t even opened my eyes yet

But to you I am already a threat.


Give me a chance… I deserve a life,

I have just been born and you can hear my cries,

You have just been that told I am a girl,

You act as if it is the end of the world.

Try to love me and you will see

I am better than any son of yours would ever be.

Don’t kill me before I have proved my worth,

Don’t let my death be on the day of my birth.


Give me a chance… I deserve to grow,

There is so much about the world that I do not know.

Let me go to school and learn some more,

Please don’t lock me inside, let me out the door.

I promise to be better than everyone else,

If only you could give me a chance to excel.

Don’t take away my books and my dreams,

Can you not hear my pleading screams?


Give me a chance… I deserve to choose,

Before you marry me off ask me my views.

I deserve the right to choose my own partner,

Why are you in such a hurry for this barter?

I still have so much to do before this deed

My dreams must come before their needs.

Don’t cage me and take away my freedom from me

I am a person and not a bird that can flee.


Give me a chance… I deserve to work,

I am your equal so stop being such a schmuck.

You beat me up because I am a woman,

The way you treat me is considered inhuman.

Today I bear your child within me,

I pray to god that it’s a HE.

Because this world is not meant for a girl,

If she is born then like me she will have to burn!


  1. Wishes of a baby girl still in the womb is heart wrenching no doubt.She has every right to come out healthy and unhurt.She has every right to thrive and enjoy in the world her own way with dignity.Every parent has to fulfill her dreams.

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