Help me please!

I shout and I plead.

But no one can hear my screams,

Locked away forever it seems.


I shiver and I tremble in here,

Maybe I am scared or the cold is too much to bear.

No place for love or any kind of hope,

In here it sounds like a bad joke.


I found a corner dark and cold,

I curled up and tried to be bold.

But the silence is deafening,

And the darkness engulfing.


With the passage of time,

Another plight was realised.

The walls were caving in,

They had thought of everything!


I once believed in angels,

Until they became strangers.

Being trapped, I could no longer believe,

Abandoned by my angels, alone I grieved.


  1. When feeling desperate , pray God for inner strength .In the situation of no helping hand , moral strength provides the needed help.Self belief and conviction are the best friends to help in any situation

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