With You By My Side

I stood alone in a crowd,

In my loneliness I had drowned.

Until the day you came along,

My heart began to sing a different song.


The hero of my story you are,

My knight in shining armour from far.

My saviour and my liberator for sure,

My diseased mind needed your cure.


I was alone to begin with,

I was told that love is a myth.

Then you shattered my illusions,

I now believe in love that has been proven.


I feel different with you by my side,

A strange feeling of confidence inside.

You make me believe in myself,

I can hear the truth I am no longer deaf.


You showed me that there is another way,

The way I was, I was becoming someone’s prey.

But you saved me from a fate worse than death,

I owe you my life and every single one of my breaths.


  1. An excellent gratitude for a companion .When a person feels lonely in the sea of human beings and feels cheated or disgraced then a good samiritan gives a soothing embalm.The feeling towards that soothing hands expresses like this.

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