A River’s Tale

Born in the icy mountains covered by snow,

With a purpose the river begins to flow.

Didn’t stop to think about the journey unknown,

Didn’t ask for the path to be shown.

It found its way as it grew,

Learnt to adapt and be resilient to few.


Maybe she believes in destiny,

In the sea she looks for serenity.

She dodges mountains and traces land,

Some paths clear as she commands.

She cuts through rocks but not with power,

Perseverance is the reason for this scour.


The sea is her haven,

And she longs for salvation.

When the moment finally arrives,

The river sighs and the sea smiles.

He opens his arms to embrace her once,

After a lifetime of separation they are finally one.


      1. If you are new to it I look forward to reading you from time to time! If I’m unduly absent give me a nudge … I’m not always reading as much in the warmer months. The great outdoors beckon!
        So nice meeting you Lyuba!

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  1. Very well described the journey of life.The life originates the way river starts from icy lakes.The river never flows in straight line, same way journey of life is never straight.They both follow tortuous ways -struggling, fighting and circumventing the obstacles and running fast in plain fields .Journey ends into destiny- sea and death.

    Liked by 1 person

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