If you want to love you will have to forgive,

If you want to forgive you will have to believe.

Believe that you have the strength,

To pardon them and have peace in depth.

Absolution doesn’t free them,

It releases you from the grasp of condemn.


Guilt is a heavy burden on your soul,

Mistakes of past are no longer in your control.

Forgive others because it sets you free,

But are you ready to show yourself some mercy?

Forgive the mistakes of your past and those sins,

Only then will you have a chance to begin.


  1. Absolution can be had by forgiving others with the pledge that he or she will also not do any injustice to any one.For this inner strength is needed no doubt but circumstances also press to do the wrong.In such situations either perish under the weight of surroundings and circumstances or escape by something wrong .Which one is the better choice- perishing or escaping unhurt?In such cases absolution not possible , pray God only not to bring such a gamble again

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