Don’t Quit Now

Tried so hard and for so long now,

You want to go on but don’t know how.

The desire to quit may be strong today,

But you have been so strong all the way.

All the hardship that you have faced,

Don’t let your hard work go to waste.

Just a few more steps if you would allow,

It is almost over so don’t quit now.


You can and you will

After all it is your destiny to fulfil.

If you believe then you can,

Win your battles according to plan.

Your struggles are true but so is your determination,

You will make it through no matter the duration.

In the beginning you took a vow,

The end is near so don’t quit now.


The night is darkest just before the dawn,

So don’t give up, just hold on.

The mountain is steepest near the peak,

The final climb is not for the weak.

Find your strength and hold on tight,

Find your faith that it will be all right.

The battles are won inside your mind,

Conquer your thoughts and leave all else behind.


  1. Hard work is always paid back with handsome interest .Never let it be allowed to go to waste.Alwyas relax for more and more vigour and energy to complete the task.Results are bound to give happiness in the end

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