My heart desires to go somewhere,

Anywhere that is not here.

My eyes yearn for a new sight,

To see the world in a different light.


My feet want to walk the world,

Every path and every road that curved.

I want to learn what the world has taught,

And so I wander, but I am not lost.


Let the wind carry me and my wanderlust,

With the moon behind and the sun in front.

See a new colour in the sky every day,

Reunite with the seas casted away.


Touch the horizon with my little hands,

The world is so big and so small I stand.

I need to meet the world around,

I am not lost but I still need to be found.


  1. Limitless desire is out of any binding.Sometimes it wants to journey on the sea on bare feet and fly in the sky without any wings.This is reflective of overenthusiasm to live a lively life with full liberty

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