When You Believe

You searched for it in the eyes of others,

Your value, your worth that no one discovers.

Yet you wait for things to change,

Waiting for someone to take the reins.


After a while you realise,

That your worth is seen in your own eyes.

Take the reins because they belong to you,

Love them all but learn to love yourself too.


The one who stood by you every time,

The one who listens every time you whine,

Look in the mirror, what do you see?

Your reflection, your one true devotee.


Show yourself some love, it is long overdue,

Your value, your worth, waiting to be seen by you.

You are not selfish for loving yourself first,

Before sharing love, in love you must be immersed.


You are loved, you matter and you are worthy,

Accede this before you restart your journey.

A new you begins to weave,

See the difference when you believe?

1 Comment

  1. Love yourself and believe in your abilities and qualities first .When you succeed then only others will have faith in you and start judging you positively .Never be discouraged by momentary failures which will certainly bring forth the unbounded success with unfathomable joy.

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