Chasing Butterflies

The flutter of her tiny wings,

Has a tune that burns to sing.

With every flower she sings a new song,

Her beauty eludes me and I am drawn.


I reach out to touch and hold her,

But she slips away into a blur.

I try to catch her again and again,

But my efforts seem to be in vain.


With sore legs and tired arms,

I decide to give up on her charms.

I turn around and close my eyes,

I no longer chase those butterflies.


As I turn to my work at hand,

The one that flew away decided to land.

I trace the colours of her vibrant wings,

I now hold in my hands this fragile thing.


  1. Success is beautiful like a butterfly.Sometimes it eludes. When a person labours hard to succeed and fails then he becomes tired and takes rest to find a new way.Finally he achieves the desired result.In that triamphat moment the success looks very beautiful like the wings of the butterfly.

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