Friend or Foe

When you ask yourself a question,

A voice answers with its own suggestion.

Sometimes you don’t even have to ask,

It interrupts you when busy with a task.

The voice is your own,

But you have no control.

It can be both a friend and a foe,

With you or against you, you never know.


When it is a foe,

It pushes you to let go.

Whispers in you ear,

The things you don’t want to hear.

It tells you that you will fail,

Your confidence drains and doubts prevail.

You cannot figure out its play,

It becomes the predator and you its prey.


When it is a friend to you,

It agrees with whatever you do.

Lifts your spirit and cheers you on,

Makes sure your doubts are withdrawn.

It brings sunshine into the dark,

Lights your way as you embark.

A ray of hope it brings,

You fly high on its wings.


Why does it have to be this way,

When your own voice manages to betray.

Why does it pull you down,

Against you, why does it denounce.

Why can’t it be always on your side,

As a friend who likes to guide.

A secret I would like you to know,

It has always been your choice… friend or foe.

1 Comment

  1. Self belief and self esteem are the essence of life to succeed in any direction.Always think positively.The negative thought always pulls you down .Accurate and positive thoughts always push up to greater heights.


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